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KBP 2011 Exclusive Edition (KEE2011) Disc 2 preview
Tr.10 Shaman Cure-All - Anti Counter Clockwise
Tr.11 eFeL - Inspiration (Extended ver)
Tr.12 Kei Izumi - Judgement (Long version)
Tr.13 Dr.ReB - Let there be light... again (More-Psy-Plz mix)
Tr.14 Helldruggie a.k.a Phenom - Наркотиков
Tr.15 Iridium.Vanessa - Skyline (Original mix)
Tr.16 back-straights - Galaxy of the Love (Original mix)
Tr.17 Ruby.G - Optica (mellow progressive mix)
Tr.18 Lunatic Sounds - Lunatic Wave
Tr.19 Chelp - Astral Getaway (Extended ver)
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