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KBP 2011 Exclusive Edition (KEE2011) Disc 1 preview
Tr.00 Shinabro - Digital trip
Tr.01 Vector27 respect KRX - B22P (Renewal Extended mix)
Tr.02 Nitrix - ChaoSpark
Tr.03 genesik - 7 Days (Extended ver)
Tr.04 Ehne - Electronic Rhythm
Tr.05 CORE-D - Silicon Flower (KEE Extended ver)
Tr.06 Crazie Dogg a.k.a RedFOX - Black Street (Extended ver)
Tr.07 haleit - Malicious Smile
Tr.08 easyamateur - otherwise (Unless remix)
Tr.09 NEUROSE - Lo-fi Chaos (Extended ver)
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